Your boat is a very special investment and you want it to have a very special name. We have thousands of fonts to choose from and dozens of vinyl colors. Make it even more special with a custom logo or graphic to compliment the name.
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1. Measure the usable space on the vessel. (see diagram below)
2. Determine the size of the boat name.
this varies by your personal preference
3. Choose your TYPE style
4. Specify ALL UPPER CASE, all lower case or Upper And Lower.
5. Select the color(s)

diagram of how to determine usable space for your boat name
we even do liferings!


Here is a guide to get an idea of what your final cost will be for your boat name. These prices are for the entire name.

1"- 2.9" $25.00
3"- 4.9" $45.00
5"- 7.9" $65.00
8"- 11.9" $85.00
12"- 16" $105.00
Second Name Add Half Price of 1st Name
Shadowed Add 50% of 1st Name
Outlined Add 100% of 1st Name
3 Colors Add 150% of 1st Name
/ /
Registration Numbers $25.00 set of 3 (1 color)
Hailing Port $20.00 with boat name--$30.00 w/o


1.) Clean the boat with a fiberglass cleaner or acetone.
(NOTE: Some cleaners can be harmful to the surface, always do a test.)

2.) Place decals on surface using two pieces of tape in the top corners.

3.) Using a straight line on the decal, level the decal using a straight edge on the boat.

4.) Once the decal is level, place a line of masking tape across the top, half on the boat and half on the decal.

5.) Flip the decal up and remove backing. Wet the STICKY BACK part of the decal & the BOAT using a spray bottle of WATER ONLY.

6.) Slowly place the decal on the surface of the boat, working from the top to the bottom. Smooth out the decal with a firm piece of plastic or other material that will act as a squeegee.

7.) Once again wet the decal with water and remove any bubbles in the decal with the squeegee.

8.) Remove the top transfer tape and the decal will air dry.

For LARGER LETTERS and longer lines follow steps up to #5, after placing the tape across the top, use scissors to cut every two or three letters. This will allow you to handle the application easier.
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